Our Commitment to the Environment

At Cooper Foods, we are committed to reducing our impact on the environment while sourcing and supplying the best quality wholesale fresh fish and food at excellent value.

Fewer fuel miles. By expanding our product range we can help our customers reduce the number of vehicles and deliveries they receive. New premises with larger warehousing enables us to order frozen and dry goods less frequently, reducing the number of HGV’s and fuel miles associated with getting products to us. We plan our deliveries to keep food miles down and reduce our carbon footprint.

Less waste, more recyclable materials. All our incoming card and polystyrene foam packaging is compacted on-site and removed by approved and licensed companies for recycling. Our waterproof boxes and plastic trays are made from recyclable material. We have fitted filters to all our water drains in working areas to trap as much debris as possible and prevent it from entering the waste water system.

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